Seoul & West

Seoul & West


Seoul & West

Kulinary Fusion, Artful Spirits: A Harmonious Evening of Flavor and Community

[Singapore, 01 Feb 2024] — Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary culinary adventure at Seoul & West – a community-themed event at Thank You Come Again that transcends borders and flavors. Combining modern Western cuisine with a Korean twist, this celebration promises a feast for the senses.
Embark on a journey through an animated drawing, reflecting the vibrant social ambiance and showcasing a fusion of Singaporean hints and Korean traditional dishes. From Lamp Bibimbap Wrap to Wagyu Smoked Kimchi, indulge in an array of tantalizing creations, fostering a unique cultural bond.
The event, buzzing with a social and community vibe, features iconic Korean classics like Budae Jijae, Kimbap, Old School Tteokk Bokki, and Korean Grilled Pancakes. Complementing these delights are Korean classic cocktail beverages including Soju Dirty Martin, Soju Bomb, and a soothing Soju Digestive.

“Seoul & West” is not just a feast; it’s a celebration of community, diversity, and the joy of shared experiences. Join us 24 February 2024 at Thank You Come Again for an unforgettable night of global flavors and cultural fusion.

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