The Initial Residence
355 Balestier Road, Singapore, 329782
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Fax (65) 6797 9928
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Where we are

Heritage Meets Modernity, Near Singapore's City Centre and Medical Hub

Nestled on the city fringe, The Initial Residences sit in the historic yet vibrant neighborhoods of Balestier and Novena.

This area harmoniously blends rich heritage with contemporary living. Just a stone’s throw from Singapore’s bustling city centre, residents enjoy easy access to a plethora of urban amenities. The locale’s deep-rooted history is palpable in its charming architecture and cultural landmarks, offering a unique living experience.

Additionally, its proximity to the renowned medical hub of Singapore positions it as a convenient and sought-after location. Whether for work, leisure, or health, The Initial Residences in Balestier and Novena provide the perfect gateway to the best of urban Singapore.


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